Monday, the aftermath

Today, for the first time in a very long while I woke before the sun came up. It was 5.30am to be exact, when my iPhone alarm started ringing. Hurriedly brushed my teeth and took a quick bath. Why am i awake at such a godforsaken hour? It's actually because my gf had to go to work today, and to think i took leave because she told me to. Hmm, anyway she had an urgent presentation to do, so she cancelled her leave. As for me, I didn't really like the idea of leave cancellation and also i could do with some much needed rest.

The journey down Genting Highlands began at 6.30am. How fast time flies, just 2 days ago i was driving up Genting thinking how would i spend my 2 days there. And now it's already over. Slow down Mr Time!! Since we were early, i fetched her directly to KLCC, but i didn't like being caught in the jam, so i took the faster but more expensive way eg: Drove into KLCC parking using AKLEH highway.

Speaking of KLCC parking, my timing coincides with the office workers timing, so i noticed quite a number of cars going into the underground parking with me. The only difference was, i used touch n go, and didn't go into the season parking section. The other cars that were there all used season parking pass and drove to the season parking allocated floors. Did i mention i like using touch n go here? It is so convenient, minus the need to queue for payment and also the need to bring extra cash.

Ok so i am being lame... Bite me.

The remainder of the day was spent sleeping and writing up today's blog...