Merry Christmas 2010 !

Today's post shall be a shoutout to everybody out there, everywhere. Christmas marks the day Christ was born, but is also celebrated worldwide because it's a holiday where people can spend time with their families and their loved ones.

To me, it is similar to the new year, where I take time to reflect back on the past one year events. So what have you achieved over the past year? Was it a good year, a profitable one, one where we came out being better persons? Christmas also means we're already on the threshold to a new year, year 2011 is only days away.

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Have a merry merry christmas guys and gals!

Till then..

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Unknown said...

You! Hey! Have a Hapy hapy Christmas too !!! All the very best yea...^^God loves u .

Isaac Tan said...

Thanks Eunice ! Merry Christmas to you too !