Loitering At KLCC

Life begins after working hours. Yet again this phrase comes to my mind. How true that statement is depends on the individual I guess. Some folks are such workaholics that to them work IS life! No work, no life. I'm somewhere in between, no work no $$, no $$ no life, so theoretically no work is really equivalent to no life. Gee..

Anyway today after work, like any other day I was at Jelatek Putra LRT station to pick up my gf. She called me up to inform that she's still tied up with work so I was on my own. I decided then to hop onto the LRT to KLCC. At least I could kill time loitering around the mall while waiting for her.

Purple Christmas With A Band

Reached KLCC around 7.20pm, the first thing that got me interested in was this band playing at the centre court. They look the part, rockers, with the wild hair and good looks. The thing that I found unique was, all 4 of the band members were decked in suits and ties, playing slow melodic Christmas tunes. It really didn't sum up. I was half expecting them to suddenly break into a hard jamming gig or something shaking their heads and hairs flying wildly! Instead KLCC was filled with sweet melodies. I couldn't even tap my feet to the music. It wasn't even a cheery Christmas song. On the contrary it was a dull melodic hum of a music. My bet would be that KLCC management probably wanted it this way to maintain the exclusive ambiance of the mall.


Kinokuniya Book Store

So I continued on my merry way around the mall. As the photo shows, Kinokuniya was my next stop. Actually I went in Best Denki and Sony Lifestyle shops before ending up in this bookstore. But that's beside the point. The point is, I'm interested in books!! I've always been interested in reading, except when I was younger I'm into novels and fiction books, while now I'm more interested in motivational books. Coming back to Kinokuniya, I have to say this bookstore feels, smells and looks really classy.

All sorts of book genres

We have rows and rows of nicely arranged book sections. My only disappointment here was, as compared with similar giant chain bookstores like MPH, more than 80% of the books in Kinokuniya is tightly wrapped!! How uncool is that? I'm told that at any time we are able to request the staff to unwrap any book for us, but how many books do you want to request the staffs to unwrap if you're interested in multiple books. Very inconvenient. But I guess the idea of wrapping all books up is logical to preserve the unsold copies from dirty hands like mine. MPH is better in this sense.


Oh today is movie day by the way. Every Wednesday, cinemas everywhere cut their ticket prices because it's movie day! I'm sure you already knew that, didnt you? KLCC cinema is owned and known as TGV KLCC, short for Tanjung Golden Village. KL people loves movie day, judging from the queue and the crowd at TGV tonight.

Later, I was walking on the 4th floor of KLCC when something caught my eye. I'm sure you've seen and maybe eaten at Madam Kwan's restaurant. They sell delicious nasi lemaks and local cuisines. Everyday there will be a very long queue outside Madam Kwan's. Guess what? Today I saw Madam Kwan's evil daughter restaurant. She is Miss Kwan's restaurant, and she's situated just next to the original restaurant! Check out the pics below. As usual it may not be the clearest pics around, blame it on my iPhone camera.

Miss Kwan's
Madam Kwan's

Miss Kwan's and Madam Kwan's are neighbors!

Miss Kwan's, Tasty Recipe. That's the new restaurant's tag line. How tacky is that? The final photo of the 3 is just to show how close the proximity between this 2 restaurants. The original, and the daughter. I get it that some restaurants will copy established eateries names, eg "Georgetown white coffee, white town, etc" but they never open it side by side with the origina, until now.

The time was already 8.30pm when my gf decided that yours truly had been loitering for far too long at KLCC, finished her work and came down to meet me. We had this nice but extremely spicy meal at level 2 signatures food court. The eatery is called Ayam penyet AP. They have set up quite a number of branches around KL. The food they serve originated from Indonesia and consists of chicken with rice, and extremely spicy sambal. Oh, the signature of their dish will be as the name calls it "ayam penyet" or it's direct translation smashed/squashed chicken. I saw before how the chicken "di penyet". It's simple actually, they just use this batonlike wood and hit the fried chicken thigh until it's flattened.

Ayam Penyet AP KLCC

Our Dinner Ayam Penyet AP

After the meal, we proceeded to sit the Lrt back to Jelatek where I parked my car. We went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to get oats, but that's another story for another time.

Till then...

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