Listerine Antiseptic Mouth Wash

The other day, last Sunday to be exact, got myself a small bottle of Listerine antiseptic mouth wash from Watson Setapak. There are many reasons why people go for Listerine, ranging from getting rid of bad breath, getting their gums healthier, prevent tooth decay, killing bacterias, to better personal hygiene.

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"Listerine not just a mouthwash"

Some folks actually recommend using it as a mosquito deterrent. For me, I got it because I wanted to prevent tooth decay, or at least postponing the effects. 

Tartar Control Listerine bought from Watsons Wangsa Maju
So how exactly do we use this liquid called Listerine? If you haven't tried it out yet, it's pretty strong, you can actually feel the bite of the liquid on your tongue and in your mouth.

The best and suggested way as recommended by the doctors as well as google would be to put some water first in your mouth and then put equal amount of Listerine and then gargle for few minutes and then spit it. I don't actually practise that. For me, I just put in a capful of  Listerine in my mouth and swirl it around until the pain makes my eyes tear. Our mouth's natural defense mechanism actually helps, as in the mouth will produce an equal amount of saliva to dilute the painful liquid.

Seeing how this liquid can bring tears to your eyes, below I'll list down some of the precautions to be practised. Again, these are as advised by doctors and my good old pal Mr Google.

#1. Never intake Listerine - If while gargling you accidentally take Listerine, immediately consult a physician. It contains very high amount of alcohol which can harm your internal body.

#2. Never give Listerine to small kids - Listerine should never be given to small kids as its not meant for them. Infact it should only used by adults like you and me.

#3. If you have cuts or mouth ulcer in your mouth, don't you use Listerine. It can hurt really bad.

#4. Listerine is not meant to be a replacement for floss and brush as being a liquid it can not take out solid food particles which can be easily removed with brush.

#5. After using Listerine, always clean your mouth with water thoroughly as it contains alcohol which breaks into sugar. So if the traces of it remains in your mouth, it may start dissolving your teeth. Scary ain't it?

But it's all good. Listerine is still good for you boys and girls. So use it with care and may all the teeth in our mouths last us forever!

Till then..

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