Friend requests on Facebook

Just something to ponder on. Occasionally, once in a blue moon I receive new friend requests on my Facebook account. I'm sure everybody gets a new friend request every now and then. The question is, how long does it take you to scrutinize the request before accepting the add? And what criteria do you look for before clicking accept.

Some examples of the criteria I can think of and what I personally check for is whether I know the friend or not, do we have mutual friends, is it a random add. I will, however always accept unconditionally because I always find that it is always good to know more friends. Social networking and stuffs.

Well, today I received a new friend request. However it is not from a person but rather from a company or an establishment of some sort. Have a look below.

Facebook for iPhone friend requests tab

"Gadget Land?". So if you were me, would you confirm as friend, or ignore? The questions that came to my mind was, who's this? How did he/she/it get to me? Is this an advertising bot? (someone that will tag you into some product picture?). Its not really a big of a deal, but just for the sake of discussion, will YOU accept this "friend"?

Till then..

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