Dirty food

Have you ever encountered insects, bugs or foreign objects in your meals before? It may be in your favourite nasi lemak, your mee soup, or even your Maggi goreng mamak! Well, today's short sharing is a real life experience shared by my gf, and it happened today.

Well this morning, she had a off-site external training away from the office. The location was in Bangi, Petronas Learning Centre. Yours truly drove her there in the wee hours of the morning, and to avoid the traffic jam it had to be really early eg: 6am started driving. 

She encountered a case of dirty food in the worse scenario thinkable. And it happened twice! Once during breakfast inside her meal, and the second time in her lunch meal. Just the thought of it made me feel queasy. The first shock came in the form of... A baby cockroach in her breakfast bihun goreng!!! And the worse part is she only saw the cooked cockroach after nearly finishing her meal. That means more than 3/4 of the bihum goreng was already swimming in her stomach. Needless to say, words were exchanged, reports were made. It's such a pity she forgot to take a picture of the roach. If not I would be able to share it here.

But this didn't end at the breakfast meal, it happened again during lunch! What type of hygiene is that cafe practicing? Anyway it wasn't a dead roach, this time it was a piece of polystyrene in her soup. "Sup tulang" to be exact.

"Pictures or it didn't happen!" I read this phrase somewhere before, but it doesnt apply here. Anyway I trust her word on this case. She wouldn't joke about something as disgusting as a dead roach in her mee. Ouch.

After hearing about this, it's going to make me think twice before putting any food in my mouth without glancing at it first.

Till then..

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