Death Of A Car Battery

Something interesting happened today at around 5pm. Well, let me begin from the top. Around 5pm (plus minus 10 mins), one of my colleague CK invited me for tea break. We were on our merry way when we met up with this colleague named Siew Wei. Well, Siew Wei's car happens to be the topic of discussion today, or to be more specific, her car's battery is the star of the day. 

Anyway, she mentioned that her car couldn't start, and some of the guys would be helping her to jumpstart the car. She did kind of hinted us to help out as well, and off she went rushing to her car. CK looked at me, both of us were contemplating. "Should we go down and help her? Or just go direct to the cafeteria to have our tea?" It was a rather funny moment. We could actually see her car from our office window from the 3rd storey. In the end, being the good souls that we were, both of us ended up beside her car offering our kind help.

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Car Battery
The Star Of The Day

There were already 3 other hunky guys down there with us, namely Chan, Spencer, and "Low (I'm not sure of his name, need to confirm when I see him). The car was sandwiched in between 2 cars, so we had to push it out to the middle of the road. This was to enable "Low" to bring over his car head to head with this cute Kelisa, and jumpstart via cable.

Car Battery
The Dead "Dry" Battery
So there we were, all huddled over the 2 cars, fiddling with the cables. Initial jumpstart didn't work, and the battery stayed dead and motionless. Everyone was puzzled, wasn't there enough power? Was there something else wrong with the car, and not just the battery? Suddenly, CK suddenly thought of this bright idea, which I later found out was suppose to be common knowledge on jumpstarting a car. "Why don't you rev the car that is supplying the battery power?" Voila! That did the trick, while "Low" was revving his car, the power from his car battery surged into Siew Wei's car, and it cranked into life! "Great! Drinks are on me!" Siew Wei shouted.

Car Battery
Helpful Kind Souls Trying To Revive A Dead Battery

We then all adjourned to a rather small car workshop located at Petronas just opposite the company to get a new battery. Siew Wei's car battery was already too weak to last any longer, it has just enough juice in it to last the journey to the workshop. The damage was RM185, for a dry cell battery. While waiting for the mechanic to change the battery, all 6 of us went for coffee, milo and tea at a stall nearby. And just because it's a treat from Siew Wei, I added in one plate of maggi goreng for good measure.

Car Battery
The Car Being Transplanted With A New Battery

After that is was back to work for us. Well, it was an interesting break today though.

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