Another Fatal Express Bus Accident

Fresh from the previous horrors of past bus accidents that occur on our highways, yesterday occured what is claimed to be the worst road accident in Malaysian history.

"27 passengers killed, 10 injured in bus crash on Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai Road" These were the headlines that screamed at me from the newspapers today.

Sourced from The Star Newspaper

Needless to say, I was shocked. A double decker express bus going up and down Cameron highlands? In my opinion, that's not a very wise or safe thing to do.

AFX 2266, the bus belonged to Syarikat SK Murni Tours & Travel. It was booked by San Express Holiday for the tour package. All the deceased were of Thai nationality, except for 3 Malaysians (the driver, assistant driver, and the tour guide). Early indication of the crash showed that the bus hit the divider before going into the opposite lane and overturned into a ditch. The impact of the crash must have been very high judging from the number of lives lost.

I shall not dwell much longer on this tragic event. It's really saddening to think of all the lives of those tourists. May God bless all the souls of those that lost their lives. And strengthen the spirits of the families they left behind. Also, my hope is that a proper investigation is done by the authorities to find the root cause of the accident.

Till then..

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