2 Movies: Due Date and Haunted Changi

Last week, on a Wednesday movie day, I was at Wangsa Walk killing time. Why kill time when I was suppose to be working? Well if you happen go through my blog last wednesday it was the day I proposed! I was killing time waiting for my proposal flowers to be prepared.

The cineplex in Wangsa Walk Mall is run by TGV. It's a spanking new cinema which was just opened this year April. The ambience was great, and I find the seats very comfortable compared to other cinemas around Kuala Lumpur. Here, I could actually stretch my legs fully while seated, most of the time in other cinemas, my knee would be hitting the front seat.
TGV Cinemas Wangsa Walk Mall
I couldn't decide on which movie to watch. That day there wasn't much choices, as most of the blockbuster movies I've already watch, namely Harry Potter. So i went ahead and chose what looked to me like a ghost movie. Why not, I'm always up for a good scary movie. Haunted Changi, that's the title of the first movie I bought for a price of RM8 / ticket. Oh, Wangsa Walk has one of the most expensive ticket prices in KL, RM13 for a normal adult ticket on a normal day. On movie day like today, it's RM8.
Haunted Changi Movie Poster
The movie itself was a very big letdown. The story runs like a self shot documentary, with the cast members talking among themselves, and filming the old and rundown Changi Hospital both during the day and at night. The plot crawls forward at a snails pace, and picked up slightly only when the team goes for their night exploration. The camera work was dizzying to say the least, plus the effects weren't much to shout about. I figured the only part worth watching will be the climatic 10 minutes at the end of the show. Even with that, audiences were left wondering, "That's it?".

Moving on, the second movie i watched immediately after Haunted Changi letdown was Due Date. Initially the reason i went for a 2nd movie was because I felt cheated with the first one, but Due Date never let me down. In fact it was such an entertaining watch that I smiled throughout the movie. I rarely do that mind you, especially not when watching alone.
Due Date Movie Poster

Due Date is a movie about 2 contrasting characters, who meets up and is stuck on a road trip together back home. The cast is headed by Robert Downey Jr (Mr Iron Man) and Zach Galifianakis (Mr Funny Stoned Man). What makes it so entertaining is the fact that the goofy one actually messes up the life of the serious business man one. We get to see "Ironman" get screwed left and right by the antics of Zach. Absolutely hilarious I would say, from the moment they met at the airport to getting banned from flying, to driving cross country in a race against time back to Robert's pregnant wife going into labor. Good watch, and I came out of the cinema feeling contented this time.

Well that's about all I can think up for now.

Till then..

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