1st Avenue Mall Penang

There's a new mall in town! I haven't been back to Penang for the past two months, and they spring this surprise on me. It's a nice surprise though, yet another hangout place to use up our precious money and time away. It's all good!.

1st Avenue Mall Penang
Outside view photo taken off the net.
From the news, I've got to know 1st Avenue just opened last month on 25th November 2010. The mall is bounded by Magazine Road, Carnarvon Street, Tek Soon Street and Cross Street.

On Christmas day, my family and I decided drop by this spanking new mall. The carpark of 1st avenue is similar to it's neighbor mall Prangin Mall, as in it's located 5, 6, and 7th floor of the complex. To reach it, I had to go through spiral driveways up.

Everything smells and feels new, from the car park freshly painted walls and floors, to the lifts and escalators.The lift is unique in a sense that the lift doors are made out of transparent glass. If you have phobia of heights, I strongly discourage looking down the doors.

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1st Avenue Mall Penang
Capsule lifts with an outside view of the city
Since it was Christmas, there was a small musical band playing at the centre court. Sweet melodies of Christmas songs filled the mall. It was quite soothing actually, and added an extra touch of class to the mall. Not that 1st Avenue needed any extra touch, the shops here were touted to be middle class to high end shops. I heard Coach is opening up a branch here soon.

1st Avenue Mall Penang
Aptly named the first Christmas, this was 1st Avenue Mall's first ever Christmas
1st Avenue Mall Penang
Blue lightings
View from the first floor
Pardon the poor quality of my pictures, the camera for iPhone 3GS really doesn't do the pictures any justice. The mall is much more beautiful than what was being shot above.

One of the most exciting features of 1st Avenue Mall is the open-air viewpoint on the eighth floor. It allows patrons to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. I couldn't take any pictures last night because it was already too dark, but below is a shot I found off the net. It really was a cool place to be.

1st Avenue Mall Penang
The 8th Floor Open Air Viewpoint taken off the net. 


  1. Haven't been there yet. Passed by the other day. Heard of mixed reviews although all stated that it's pretty high-end.

  2. Benny: It's pretty good actually. Compared to Penang Times Square, this one is much better!

  3. Haven't been there yet. Passed by the other day. Heard of mixed reviews although all stated that it's pretty high-end.


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