Compilation: 30+ Chinese New Year (CNY 2022) Video Ads by Malaysian Brands

30+ Malaysian Brands’ Chinese New Year 2022 Videos

It’s that time of year again, where nearly all brands in Malaysia big and small publishes their Chinese New Year 2022 videos. Some have gone the touching route, some a full fledge 5minutes+ short film with subtle hints to the brand, while some have gone all out promoting the brand in their respective Chinese New Year films. 


There are many notable ones, and for all the money and time spent into producing all these Chinese New Year films, I had to check all of it out. Check out below on the list of the CNY 2022 videos by various brands in Malaysia so far. The list will be updated as we find more videos being launched by other brands. For now, enjoy! 


Tell me which one is your favourite this year. Gong Xi Fa Cai, and may you and your family be prosperous and healthy this year of the tiger! 

GamudaLand - Key to Happiness [Chinese New Year 2022 Short Film]

Sunsuria CNY 2022 - A Family Reunion 一家团聚

Knife Delicious 幸福加油 Always Be There 】2022刀标油新年短片

Counterpain Malaysia - "从心出发,缓痛为爱 It's Not Hard When It Comes From The Heart" by Counterpain CNY 2022

Julies Biscuit - CNY 2022 | The Worst Feng Shui Master-神算 [Full] | Julie's Biscuits

RHB - Chinese New Year 2022: A Spark For Change

Grab - CNY 2022: Ah Ma Knows Best 

Watsons Malaysia - CNY Main Film 2022

Eu Yan Sang - 余仁生新春2022公益短片 | 一顿久违的团年饭 CNY 2022 Short Film

Shopee - CNY Sale 2022 is Here!

Big Bath - CNY 2022

Mah Sing - CNY 2022 Video ”舒舒虎虎"过好年 [马星集团2022贺岁短片]

Garmin Malaysia - Chinese New Year 2022 | The Little Things

EcoWorld - 绘新一年 Create A Marvelous New Year - Happy Chinese New Year 2022

988 - 2022年 988虎年贺岁短剧《虎进甘来》

Jin Ye Ye -【金爺爺2022年虎近甘来新春送礼贺岁短片】CNY Main Video 2022

Lotus’s Malaysia - CNY 2022: Hari-HariMau Ong!

Daikin - CNY 2022 Legend of The Air Guardian 新风传说 (OFFICIAL Short Film)

myNEWS - Roaring Chinese New Year

MrDIY - CNY 2022 一家人 "Family"

NESCAFÉ Gold CNY 2022 | It’s Perfect

Munchy’s - CNY 2022 - 加满满 (Jia Mun Mun)

Sports Toto - CNY Greetings 2022 | 彼此珍惜

Big POS - Chinese New Year Short Film 新春贺岁短片 (金虎与共 The Journey)

Man Fook - 2022 CNY Video

Jinnyboy TV - A CNY Reunion Disaster… Almost!

McDonald's Prosperity - The Best Hairdresser Mum

HLB CNY 2022 - Ong Lai Tart

Sarawak Tourism Board - STB Chinese New Year 2022 Greetings Video

Aset Kayamas CNY 2022: Family is a Treasure 家人永远是我们的珍宝

COWAY CNY 2022- “Drink More Water!” 

Zalora - Chinese New Year 2022

Setia CNY TVC 2022 | The Fú-Growers

Goodnite Malaysia CNY Main Film 2022 : Blessing 福气

Spritzer CNY 2022 – Auspicious Dishes Spritzer Wishes [事必胜吉祥佳肴]

This space will be updated with more CNY 2022 videos when more are uploaded by other Malaysian brands. Enjoy! 

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