Main Courses @ The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang

My previous writeup for The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang were on their appetizers and desserts. (The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang - The Appetizers, The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang - Desserts). Today's writeup will be slightly longer as I will share on the main and heavier dishes that we had a couple of weeks back at The Shepherdoo.

The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang
The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang

The Shepherdoo Restaurant & Lounge
Entrance Forecourt, Ground Floor,
Centro Mall,
No. 8 Jalan Batu Tiga,
41300 Klang
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-33415828

The Shepherdoo Centro Mall Klang
The comfortable environment  of The Shepherdoo

Now I do have to add a bit on the environment of The Shepherdoo. The restaurant itself was located at the entrance of Centro Mall Klang, with two sections, one indoor and the other outdoor with a view of the streets below. I would think this should be a really nice hang out location with friends at night. Anyway do check out the a couple of main dishes that we enjoyed that evening below. 

Pizza De Mexicana - RM13.90
#1 Pizza De Mexicana - RM13.90

A good way to kick off any meal would be a huge serving of pizza, and the Pizza De Mexicana served here were really rich in looks and flavour. This wasn't the usual thick crusted pizza, instead we have these thin tortilla bread being used as its base, with grilled mix peppers, dried crushed chilli, sweet white onions, red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Yummy pizza indeed as The Shepherdoo were really generous with the ingredients. 

Pasta ala Pollo - RM20.80
#2 Pasta ala Pollo - RM20.80

Green pastas, the first time I had these spinach pastas a couple of months back, I was actually surprised with the greenery of the whole dish. But needless to say, spinach really goes well with this pasta dish. We had this whole piece of Mexican chicken breast with caramelized pineapple and tomato relish on a bed of sauteed spinach pasta.

Pierna Rojo Vivo - RM25.90
#3 Pierna Rojo Vivo - RM25.90

Served with a name alien to me, the Pierna Rojo Vivo is essentially marinated chicken on a bed of chilled potato salad as well as the papaya salsa and the fresh greens. I do like the way Shepherdoo marinated this chicken as it came out really tasty with a hint of honey sweetness in the meat. 

The Shepherdoo Gringo Burger - RM23.80
#4 The Shepherdoo Gringo Burger - RM23.80
The Shepherdoo Gringo Burger - RM23.80
A closer shot at the Gringo Burger

Burger lovers should go for this dish, The Shepherdoo Gringo Burger. Made from premium South American topside, the thick beef patty was served with turkey bacon, egg, lemon mayo, and cheddar cheese on top. It was a mouthful indeed, but a delicious mouthful!

Cordero Horneado - RM27.80
#5 Cordero Horneado - RM27.80

It was a mix of taste as we were served with all types of meat that evening, from chicken to beef and this Cordero Horneado lamb dish. We had Cajun spiced rubbed lamb shoulder where the lamb is grilled and served with roasted garlic mash potatoes, crisp salad & cucumber yoghurt sauce. However for this dish, I felt the lamb flavour was a tad too heavy for me. 

Filete del Solomillo - RM43.90
#6 Filete del Solomillo - RM43.90

Save the best for last, my favourite, the beef steak Filete del Solomillo came out to my delight. One of The Shepherdoo's signature dishes, they used premium beef sirloin steak here, which came with shallot butter, mash potatoes, sauteed seasonal vegetables and their home recipies of the reduced brown sauce. Good stuff here I tell you. 

These were the main dishes we enjoyed that evening. Do check out my other writeups on the appetizers, as well as their scrumptious desserts. 

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  1. wow i want the Shepherdoo Gringo Burger!

  2. the pizza looks yummy!

  3. Their prices are very reasonable.. looks good too!

  4. everything look so yummo!

  5. When i hear Klang , i think of bak kut teh only ! The food look yummy ! =D

  6. hmm, pizza looks yummy eh

  7. Hmmm...too bad we did not get to meet and you did not get to take me to any of these nice places that you frequent when I was there. Sobssss!!! I'm so heartbroken... LOL!!!

  8. Next round you're in Klang let me know bro, we go Yam Beer together :)


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