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Compilation: 30+ Chinese New Year (CNY 2022) Video Ads by Malaysian Brands

30+ Malaysian Brands’ Chinese New Year 2022 Videos It’s that time of year again, where nearly all brands in Malaysia big and small publishes their Chinese New Year 2022 videos . Some have gone the touching route, some a full fledge 5minutes+ short film with subtle hints to the brand, while some have gone all out promoting the brand in their respective Chinese New Year films.    There are many notable ones, and for all the money and time spent into producing all these Chinese New Year films, I had to check all of it out. Check out below on the list of the CNY 2022 videos by various brands in Malaysia so far. The list will be updated as we find more videos being launched by other brands. For now, enjoy!    Tell me which one is your favourite this year. Gong Xi Fa Cai, and may you and your family be prosperous and healthy this year of the tiger!  GamudaLand - Key to Happiness [Chinese New Year 2022 Short Film]

A New Year, Let’s Spark It Off With Asahi Super Dry

A New Year, Let’s Spark It Off With Asahi Super Dry Kanpai! The new year is upon us. How are you my dear friends? Any new resolutions? Let’s start a new chapter, leave the old, grab the new and exciting. Chinese New Year is just around the corner too! Today’s posting will be touching on one of my favourite brand to chill out with, Asahi Super Dry.  Asahi Super Dry introduces a limited-edition CNY edition packaging

Physical Classes Has Begun With ‘Safer Schools’

So this morning I fetched the kid to school, his first time heading to physical classes in a long, long while. We prepared him as best we can, complete with face masks, face shield, hand sanitizer and more. It’s interesting then that I received this piece of news from Carlsberg in my inbox today. Read on.    The ‘Safer Schools’ campaign is a testament to the Carlsberg Malaysia’s commitment to reaching out to the community in need. With an aim to provide a safer learning environment for both students and teachers, Carlsberg Malaysia has completed distributing all 622 facial recognition infrared thermometers worth RM1.6 million to 300 SK, SKJC, and SKJT schools nationwide as the country continue to combat against unabating COVID-19 pandemic. “We have always believed in giving back to the communities we operate in, which is why we took matters into our own hands when the pandemic struck. We are proud to say that we saw an overwhelming response through the submissions for Safer Schools 202