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#TobaccoHarmReduction - Join The Cause :)

Tobacco Harm Reduction for Malaysians Growing up amongst smokers, during my younger days it was so unfortunate that I was struck with bronchitis ailment and having folks that took care of me being around smokers made a grave impact on my health from young. When I grew up, the temptation to pick up the habit was there, even more so during teenage years, university years and also at my first corporate jobs. Let me tell you a story, bear with me as we introduce the gist of today's article and how it's really important for you, my readers to learn this magic term "Tobacco Harm Reduction"  

Use Cleands, Have Clean Hands All The Time

Use Cleands, Have Clean Hands All The Time We are not out of the woods yet, with everything around us opening up everywhere. Family wise, we are very careful to be as safe as possible whenever going out, remembering to sanitise our hands and body whenever possible to minimize the risks. Sanitizers are needed everywhere, and they are really an important part of our daily lives now, which brings us to this new brand I found, Cleands.  Use Cleands, Have Clean Hands All The Time