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Seremban 2: Photography Contest for the Avid Photographers

Seremban 2: Photography Contest for the Avid Photographers The latest booming township in recent times has got to be Seremban 2. It has been developing rapidly, with more and more owners of homes there. But did you know what’s really unique about Seremban 2? People who live in Seremban 2 can proudly claim that they own an address that pays tribute to both nature and the built environment. This unique feature is a testament to award-winning developer IJM Land’s masterful town-making skill, as can be seen through its replication across the many exemplary projects. S2 in My Eyes Photography Contest Encapsulated within scenic nature, yet replete with all the modern conveniences, Seremban 2 is certainly the crown jewel of Negeri Sembilan. Lush green spaces dominate the landscape, dotted with trees and carefully crafted infrastructures that complement leisure and pleasure. Photography contest poised to reveal the lovely secrets of the township All these beauties and more are already part o