International Baby Expo (IBEX) 2012 KLCC

So I heard it was the 8th International Baby Expo this time around, happening right in the heart of KL, over at KLCC Convention Centre. As Janice is already in her 2nd trimester, we figured it was good to go have a look around at what the expo had to offer. Little did I know I would be walking away with RM 300+ worth of baby products at the end of the "walk". 

International Baby Expo (IBEX) @ KLCC - August 2012

International Baby Expo (IBEX)
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
10th - 12th August 2012
Time : 10:30am - 9:00pm     
Admission : Entrance is FREE
Phone : +603 9200 3888
Email :

The crowd at International Baby Expo today
The crowd at International Baby Expo today

There I was, at my first ever baby expo, one which I felt was rather big as it was held at hall 4 and 5 of the huge KL Convention Centre. The crowd came in droves, all looking for good bargains of baby products. As far as my eye could see, there were parents, expectant mothers, and children all around. We had exhibits from a variety of baby products and services, as categorized below. 
  • Maternity & Children's Clothing and Accessories
  • Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services
  • Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies & Organic Toddler Formula Products
  • Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers
  • Infant & Toddlers Safety Products
  • Breastfeeding & Mommy's Groups
  • Early Education Products
  • Fitness & Slimming Beauty Services

The rather large Pureen products exhibit

"Since 2005, HareNet Co. has been hosting the largest parenting exposition in Malaysia. The 8th IBEX International Baby Expo 2012 will once again set to become the most influential trade and consumer show for the goods and services of maternity, babies and children in Malaysia."

"As the pioneer in organizing parenting exposition in Malaysia, IBEX is covering the entire spectrum of childbirth issues, from conception through parenthood features educational seminars, exhibits, interactive games and contests.

International Baby Expo (IBEX) 2012 KLCC
A life sized cuddly cat

Going around the hall, we were spoilt for choice of baby items. In fact, some items like the baby wipes were really cheap going for only RM9 for 400 pieces. From what I heard usually it goes for higher. That was on top of other bargains available. 

Janice Soon
Janice having fun with her shopping basket

As for me, I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of mothers, expecting mothers, parents, and children. The whole expo had a carnival-like atmosphere to it, which sort of reminds me of PC Fair except instead of IT products, we had toddler seats, baby bottles, and diapers all around. 

International Baby Expo (IBEX) 2012 KLCC
Some events for the kids

Overall, I felt it was a pretty good expo, one which we could get some good bargains and prices for the consumable baby items. Do remember to drop by the International Baby Expo at KLCC tomorrow as that will be the last day. The expo runs from 10th to 12th August 2012.


  1. You won over RM300 or you bought? Well, bringing up a baby is not easy...and it is definitely not cheap. Do be prepared for that - save! But when they're all grown, you will look back at it all and sigh to yourself, "These are the best years of my life!" Been there, done that!

  2. NIce expo but i usually go for warehouse sale. Cheaper than expo. Some items at expo is more expensive that in the store especially things like milk powder.

    try out this website Pureen Warehouse sale certainly worth going. Congratulations :)

  3. it was great meeting u and janice today at the expo! congratz both for being a daddy and mommy soon! *jeli!* =P update more about the baby! =P

  4. oiiii the maskot. fking cute weiiiiiiiii....

    gratz for being papa and mommy soon!

  5. RM300++ is okay lagi future Daddy. Soon you'll be spending over 3K for your baby :P

  6. Wow. Didn't you are expecting bro. Haha :D Congrates. Will be a father real soon. will be spending...A LOT! Trust me! :p

  7. Again congrates bro. :D You will be very busy soon.


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