Introducing Yippi WebIM Group Meeting - Yippi by TOGL

Introducing Yippi WebIM Group Meeting - Yippi by TOGL

Online meetings and conferencing has been the new way of working recently and nearly everyone is already comfortable with the act of facing the camera for video calls and such. However, what if you’re looking for an online conferencing tool which can host a huge number of people (more than 100!)? Introducing Yippi WebIM Group Meeting from Yippi by TOGL, the solution to your needs! Read on below. 

Introducing Yippi WebIM Group Meeting - Yippi by TOGL
Introducing Yippi WebIM Group Meeting - Yippi by TOGL

Online Conferencing Made Easy

If you’ve not heard of Yippi by TOGL yet, here’s a quick background on who they are. Yippi’s a Superapp providing e-rewards for users to earn and subsequently redeem Yipps Points for various utility and bill payments, even F&B, online shopping and many more lifestyle redemptions. 


Well, recently they’ve come up with the Yippi WebIM Group meeting, a unified collaboration and communication platform, which comes free for all Yippi users. It's free for all use for 45 minutes. 

Yippi WebIM Group Meeting Functions and Features

If you need a powerful, instant and stable video conferencing system, look no further. Yippi WebIM Group Meeting features instant messaging, group chat features and it’s main function the “Group Meeting” video conferencing tool. With complete video and audio conferencing capabilities, it’s simple to use, yet very powerful and effective. 


Comprehensive, that’s the word I’ll use to describe Yippi WebIM. You get virtual meeting functionalities, screen sharing, to mute or unmute all participants, ability to lock the meeting, and scheduling a Yippi WebIM meeting has never been easier! 

Yippi WebIM meeting in progress. It just works! 

Permission levels Available in Yippi WebIM

Of course when you’re conducting a web meeting, you would need to set the permission levels of your participants. With Yippi WebIM, there is 3 levels of permissions namely host, administrator and participant. Supporting up to 50 users on microphones, 20 users with cameras on, these can run for a 45 minute online meeting. That’s for the free plan though. 


If you have higher needs then upgrade to the business package aka premium plan, and you’ll have the power to support up to 120 users on microphones and 60 users on cameras simultaneously with unlimited time limit! 

What’s great too is that Yippi WebIM Group Meeting supports a multitude of browsers and platforms from the major ones like Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, QQ Browser, Baidu, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Sogou. I tried it on my Macbook’s Safari and it ran seamlessly, utilizing the in-built video camera during the call. 


Collaboration made easy, this is great for conducting online meetings for small and large groups, for personal or business usage. The platform is totally free for Yippi users, and signing up to be a Yippi user is free as well, so this is really a good deal if you ask me. There is, however an upgraded commercial package, so don’t hesitate to email for more information on this. 

How to set up and start using the Yippi WebIM conference group?

Just a few simple steps and you will be on your merry way to teleconferencing with ease:

  1. Download the Yippi app from Apple Store, Google Play Store or the Huawei App Gallery
  2. Register as a user
  3. On your browser, head to and log in to your Yippi user account.
  4. Click on the “Conference group” icon, the 4th icon on the left from the top, then create/join a video conference

Satisfied Yippi user :P
Satisfied Yippi user :P 

Voila, that’s easy isn’t it? Do take note the person you are inviting has to be a Yippi user as well, as this is a benefit to Yippi users. I leave you with the other various Yippi website and services for you to check out today! 
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