Don't Lose It All - Episode 2

Don't Lose It All - Time To Get Data, that was the beginning of a love story, aptly named Episode 1 where we see this couple, having a rather rough time due to a long distance relationship, probably due to Nick, the dude, not having any data plan, losing that communication edge. Today's sharing would be a continuation of the video, one which I have been waiting for quite some time to catch what happens next in the love triangle.

The love triangle, Don't Lose It All
The love triangle, Don't Lose It All

The first episode of "Don't Lose It All", is a rather though provoking video which shows how poor data communication, could lead to disaster. In Amy & Nick’s case, Nick hasn’t replied in so long and Amy has become so depressed. This lead's to Joe, Nick's best friend taking the opportunity to go after Amy, which she seems to accept. For a recap, I shall share Episode 1's video below first.

New love, beautiful times, but wait, in Episode 2 of "Don't Lose It All", we will see that Nick was about to buy a ring when a tragedy happened! Without knowing all this, Amy seems to have given up on waiting for Nick’s reply. She seems to be very comfortable with Joe now. Check the video out below, which is also at

What do you think happened? Towards the end of Episode 2, we see Joe giving a ring to Amy, but she seems to hold back. All's fair in love and all, but I do think Joe has a rather unfair advantage here being beside Amy all the time. Poor Nick, if only his messages and pictures went through to Amy. I do wonder where did the data communication break down. 

Don't Lose It All - XPAX Campaign
Don't Lose It All - XPAX Campaign

In the case of Amy & Nick’s relationship, it shows that they unfortunately lost touch without data. Everything is on the internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, it makes managing relationships so much simpler so dial *128# to sign up for any pack to have it all.

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