Juice Works Pavilion KL Bloggers Gathering

Last week, on a beautiful Sunday, I had the opportunity to spend my morning at Juice Works in Pavilion KL with a whole bunch of other bloggers thanks to Nuffnang. It was to be a blogger's gathering of sorts, on top of trying out the various healthy drinks that Juice Works had to offer. I may be slow, as this was actually my first time trying out the fruit juices at this outlet. 

Juice Works Pavilion KL Bloggers
Juice Works Pavilion KL

Juice Works 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Lot P6.04.00,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2141 0030

Juice Works Pavilion KL Bloggers
The new Juice Works VIP card
Nuffnang Pretty Beautiful Bloggers
A few of the pretty and good looking bloggers I managed to catch up with that morning

So there we were, all gathered at Juice Works Pavilion to sample a few of their really healthy drinks. Juice Works prides itself with preparing all these combination fruit juices which were both natural and healthy. Check out a few of the drinks we managed to sample that morning below.

 Immuno Kick - Orange, Apple, Carrot
#1 Immuno Kick - Orange, Apple, Carrot
Mango Sensation and Red Dragon Juices
#2 Mango Sensation and Red Dragon Juices
Pink Passion and Apricot Blusher Juices
#3 Pink Passion and Apricot Blusher Juices

Five types of fruit juices were blended in together to create some of the offerings above, namely the Pink Passion and the Apricot Blusher. Even the added yogurt went well together with the smoothies. As for me, I actually liked the Red Dragon more than the rest, probably due to its added lychee which made the whole drink sweet and nice. 

Fruit Sticks
#4 Fruit Sticks
Vege Sticks
#5 Vege Sticks
Chicken Alfalfa Sandwich
#6 Chicken Alfalfa Sandwich

An event must always have food, and here we were served with some rather healthy food, one which I had to really get use to. For example, all this while the only time I've heard of Alfalfa Sandwiches were from the movie "Phua Chu Kang", yet here I had the chance to bite into these veggie chicken sandwiches. It tasted rather unique. As for the fruit and vege sticks, well, I can only think of the phrase "Go Green". 

#7 Wheatgrass drink for the really health conscious

If you think vege sticks and fruit sticks with fruit juices are as healthy as you can get, think again. Here at Juice Works, one of their signature drinks would be their Wheatgrass drink. Blended in front of your eyes from their natural own-grown wheat grass, all I could see was green. My, the smell wasn't really appetizing. The founder of Juice Works who was there with us that morning actually said this.. 

""Unless you are a cow, I can't really see how you would love the taste", which I found to be pretty amusing. Be prepared to smell lots of grass. "One shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to 1kg of fruits and vegetables, helping to decrease the blood pressure as well as helping with acne problems. This was on top of a whole list of benefits to go along with it."

Founder of Juice Works giving an explanation on her concept and how Juice Works came to be

All drinks and no play makes Jack and Jill feel rather #foreveralone, hence there were a couple of games actually prepared for us, the bloggers. We even got a chance to create our own special fruit drinks combination. How cool is that?, do check out our happy photos below. 

Happy bloggers engaging in some games
We even got to make our own fruit juices behind the counter of Juice Works!
One for the album, yes?

Overall, it was a rather entertaining and good Sunday morning. I had my first shot of wheatgrass drink, which made me a tad dizzy but all is good as I got to learn a lot more on how healthy drinks are suppose to be good for a healthy you and me! It was nice to be able to catch up with the fellow bloggers as well. Do drop by Juice Works whenever you feel like having a nice healthy fruit juice.


  1. So nice got bloggers gather ..


  2. I macam tak cukup tidor LOL

  3. My fav juice works! I am their VIP customer too. On your bufday you get a big free drink on da house!

  4. Healthy drink but pretty expensive considering the price of each type of fruit I can get from supermarket. Anyway, I was wondering what's the difference betw pretty and good looking girls?

  5. look like soo fresh ..ermm :D...

  6. Sherry,
    Hehe it was an invitation by nuffnang to juice works.

    where got, you look very nice. haha

    Woot, I didnt know that, but alot of ppl seem to be big fans of Juice Works.

    lol.. i actually stated there pretty and good looking bloggers.. the good looking was actually meant for the guys, as i couldnt actually say pretty guys eh?

    Hey there! wavessss, thanks for dropping by ya :)

  7. Vege sticks are really interesting. :D

  8. Make your own, unadulterated. Cheaper and healthier...

  9. wow sumore got VIP card! so goodd! ahha

  10. waa sumore nice drink :D

  11. wow, healthy fruit drink..I surely love all of them!

  12. Should have mention that I won the game and is very good at it, LOL...

    Really great time learning and experiencing the wheatgrass shot... hohoho...

    seriously, lets go try the shot again next time beramai-ramai :D

  13. woots!! nice event + gathering with bloggers there!! :D

  14. I;ve tried juiceworks at The Gardens when am still working at MV! :p But it seems like their taste lack in something compare to BOOST juice! :D


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