Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, when Janice and I decided to drop by Chilla Cup's outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara to enjoy their coffee and some nice side dishes. Chilla Cup was the one that sponsored my Expendables 2 movie tickets last week (The Expendables 2 Movie Review) which got me interested to try out their fares. 

Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara
Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara

Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara
No. 2, Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 3, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 - 6204 9733
E-mail :

The building and ambiance of Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara
The building and ambiance of Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara

I rarely drop by that part of town, hence it took me awhile to reach the cafe, but the thought of a nice meal kept me searching. When I reached Chilla Cup then only I realize I've been to the area a couple of times already, most notably was for the Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Night . Chilla Cup itself reminded me of all the new hangout spots around town, think of Starbucks, with the cozy feeling and all. 

Chilla Cup Menu
Chilla Cup Menu

First off a brief background on Chilla Cup is in order. Brewing a fresh cup of coffee that will appease to the fickle palettes of coffee connoisseurs and cravings for freshly baked and healthy delicacies, a group of passionate coffee enthusiasts started off Chilla Cup with the first store in Solaris, Mont Kiara in January 2011. 

"Together with warm and fresh pastries baked upon order, Chilla Cup has grown from strength to strength, being nominated in Time Out Food Award 2011 for Top 5 Best Places for Coffee and featured in 8TV program "Ho Chiak"

Chilla Cup's signature Latte, complete with the artwork and all
#1 Chilla Cup's signature Latte, complete with the artwork and all - RM9.50

We kicked off the meal with Chilla Cup's latte which to me had a really nice aroma to it. Mind you, I'm not a coffee aficionado, but I do sometimes like to take a nice cup of coffee just to kick start a slow day. Each roast is specially done in small batches of 15 kg per roast, enabling a well balanced roast to bring up the best possible aromas, flavors, sweetness, acidity and body in each coffee.

Tortillas aka thin pizza (Hawaii Tortilla) - RM12.90
#2 Tortillas aka thin pizza (Hawaii Tortilla) - RM12.90
Pizzas! Who doesn't love these round pieces of cheesy goodness. Chilla Cup's pizza came in these really thin slices, which was to my liking. Best of all, they did not skimp of the ingredients. The Hawaii Tortilla had generous amounts of meat in it, not as much as the cheese though. It is good to eat on its own, or to be complemented with their coffee brew. 

Grilled Chicken Rice - RM16.90
#3 Grilled Chicken Rice - RM16.90

Chilla Cup's Grilled Chicken with rice came with some vegetables on the side. It was your usual fare, nothing really much to shout about though. I would have liked if the rice had been more aromatic, but anyway it's okay to have if you're hungry and want some grilled chicken in pepper sauce. 

Dory Fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti - RM16.90
#4 Dory Fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti - RM16.90

I liked this dish, as the fish was fresh and did not emit any odour or fishy taste. The Dory Fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti came in this bowl complete with the garnishing. Like I said, I like any fish dishes which does not have the fishiness attached to it, and dory fishes seems to fit the bill perfectly. 

Caramel Almond Pretzel - RM7.50
#5 Caramel Almond Pretzel - RM7.50
Isaac Tan at ChillaCup promoting their delicious Caramel Almond Pretzels!
Hey that's me promoting their delicious Caramel Almond Pretzels!

If you do drop by Chilla Cup, do try out their Pretzels, as they are freshly made, hot and really delicious. To me, I like the fluffiness of it, throw in lots of caramel and almonds, and you have my favourite dish for that evening. Kind of reminds me of Auntie Anne's but the latter is just too commercialized. You can choose from a variety of pretzels from their menu ranging from plain ones, to those with cinnamon sugar and parmesan cheese. 

Ice Cream with Strawberry Waffle - RM10.90
#6 Ice Cream with Strawberry Waffle - RM10.90

We ended the rather simple but filling meal for two with Chilla Cup's Ice Cream with Strawberry Waffle. Again this dish was freshly prepared from the kitchen, coming piping hot and crispy on the edges. It did not come with syrup though, which I asked for as I love my desserts sweet! The ice cream and strawberry complemented each other rather well, a perfect end to a nice lunch out.


  1. y u so many food post ehhhhhhhhhh

  2. Ok, not bad. Food and prices look ok. Ooooo....I want that waffle & ice cream! Yum! Yum!

  3. happy merdeka day dude..

    yeah, i like the deco on the wall, looks so good.. and the foam art on the coffee is so awesome!!

  4. yum yum! especially the waffle! =D

  5. Your Dory Fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti picture! *glup*

  6. How did 2 of you finish all that?!?! I loved the chicken chop here! But mine didn't come with the rice.

  7. nice..i more attractive with d coffee bcos im a coffee lover LOL

  8. Attracted to the waffle with ice cream & strawberry :D

  9. Looks like my kind of stuff! The price is not bad also. Too bad it's at the place where I won't go unless there's an event lol. Malaysian Social Media Agency

  10. I tried their Latte today! real good! :D

  11. food looks good no doubt, but the portion looks kinda small for me, does it ?

  12. Dory Fish spaghetti looks good!!! But i know u meat eater :P


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