Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011

Coming soon, next week 24th Sept 2011 to be exact will be this really cool kickboxing event happening in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. The event? The Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011, a kickboxing event where international stars converge at Shah Alam to give us viewers a chance to experience the world of high profile kickboxing.

Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011
Voltage Kickboxing Event Promotional Poster

"Knockout Promotions in Partnership with WLF Entertainment International present to you an experience that will put you at the edge of your seat."

"Taking you on an adrenalin pumping ride through live gladiatorial performances combined with sophisticated light and sound craftsmanship that will blow your mind."

"Revel in the glamour and prestige of walking down our red carpet at our series of parties and main event."
Source: http://www.voltage.com.my

More details on this event as below

Venue: Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
Date: Saturday 24th September 2011
Doors Open: 6.00pm
Event Starts: 7.00pm

Ticket Prices: RM43, RM63, RM153, VIP RINGSIDE RM453
Online Purchases at http://airasiaredtix.com/

AirAsiaRedtix Ticketing Hotline at +603 - 8775 4666. Hotline is operational from 9am-6pm during weekdays.

*Children of 18 years below must have adult supervision.
**Children of 1 year and above must have a ticket to gain entry.

For more details on the event, do visit http://www.voltage.com.my.

Voltage Super Selangor Series 2011
Seating arrangement by ticket

I'm quite hyped up over this event, so when I was approached to have a giveaway of 3 pairs of RM63 tickets, I didn't hesitate to put up this event promo.

Just leave a comment under this post with the words "I want the tickets", leave your email, and I'll get back to you with these free tickets. Have fun, and hope you will get to enjoy this exciting kickboxing event!


  1. Experienced the first Muay Thai show in Genting years ago! OH.My.God I WANT THE TICKETS DESPERATELY!

  2. You're taking part? Then I wanna go and see.... I think I can join, so much fat - one kick by the fella, he will fly away liao...like spring. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. I want the tickets, because I would like to experience this really cool kickboxing event happening in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam on 24th Sept 2011!! YEAH !! =D

  4. oh you are all in a gang, all blogging about this kickboxing ticket giveaway, hahaha!! so good luck to your winners~~ :)

  5. Roslyn,
    Hehe paiseh, twitted wrongly, it's not really muay thai but kickboxing.
    You can have these tickets actually, just email me at isaac.tan@gmail.com ok? or give me your email address. Thanks!

    Gagaga, i'm not taking part thats for sure, in fact i won't even be able to make it for the event ><, it's on my wedding day remember :) Just doing a favour for a friend to post this promo up. You should join ! HAHA

    Could you drop me an email with your name and email over at isaac.tan@gmail.com ? Thanks.

    Hehe, coz a friend asked all of us to help promote this event. I'm getting a pair of tickets myself, but unable to make it for the event because it clashes with something very important. Not interested to go for this bro?

  6. I want the tickets!

    u going for that?
    haha.. yeongboon@gmail.com

  7. Yeongboon,
    Sure! will pass you one pair once I get the tics from Rebecca. I am unable to make it for that day though, but a LOT of bloggers will be there :)

  8. hey! thank you so much =)

  9. Hi Issac,

    thanks for dropping by my blog and I already sent you the details yeah.

    Many thanks from
    fang @ :: - LoLLy - ::


  10. great for guys..

  11. Wow interesting. I would go if its not that far lor. Hehe

  12. Yes isaac, My finals are almost over. So I'm kinda free now. Plus my blogging mood is back so i'll update more often nowadays. =)

  13. LOL!I want the tickets, cause I nvr hv any live kick boxing experience before, if I missed this chance, I don't think I'll got to watch any live in my life liao!^^


  14. sobs.. 24th i wont be in town.. will be outstation.. :(

  15. Thx Isaac, * hugs!

  16. Oh yesh!! the one event where ppl balls gonna get hurt seriously...LOL XD


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