Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT Airport

Airport premium lounges, I've always wanted to enter one just to see what's inside. Today, I happen to be at the Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) Airport to send off Janice and found out LCCT do have their own premium lounge too. Unfortunately I was told this lounge isn't as good as the ones they have over in other international airports. Well, a few words with the person in charge, and I found myself inside the Plaza Premium Lounge ready for some free breakfast.

Plaza Premium Lounge
The front desk

I did a quick check online and found out that Plaza Premium Lounge do provide a number of other services on top of the hot food and drinks. Check out below on what they provide.

Services & Facilities:
  • Freshly prepared hot food
  • Coffee, tea, cappuccino and juices
  • Free flow of beer
  • Shower with amenities (towel and shower gel are provided)
  • Internet access and WiFi
  • Computers and workstations 
  • Movies / TV
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Local & International publications
  • Massage chair
  • Free local calls
"We are located before Immigration clearance, near the Air Asia International check-in counters. Head left once you enter the Low Cost Carrier Terminal; go pass McDonalds and the Immigration counters, and towards the Air Asia International check-in counters. You will see Plaza Premium Lounge on the left."

First off, I apologize for the poor picture quality as I do not have any camera with me, hence all these photos are taken on my ancient iPhone from "yesteryears".

Plaza Premium Lounge
The Breakfast Buffet Spread
The breakfast buffet table served some pretty simple breakfast meal. We have the Malaysian nasi lemak, some cereals, half boiled egg, sausages, cold ham sandwiches, toasted bread with jam and butter, cordial drinks, coffee and tea. Oh, they serve free flow of these "Jaz" Beers too.
Plaza Premium Lounge
It was pretty empty with travellers seen resting on the sofas
Plaza Premium Lounge
My Simple Nasi Lemak with some sausages
Plaza Premium Lounge
Toasted bread with jam and butter
Plaza Premium Lounge
Free flow of beer

So there you have it, my first experience with an airport's premium lounge meant for the privilaged to relax while waiting for their flight. Plaza Premium Lounge of LCCT Airport comes off as being simple yet sufficient to cater for the basic needs of travellers.

Note: I used my Platinum Citibank Mastercard to gain access, since there have been many enquiries on it. 

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  1. I saw this when about to leave to Korea.

    How much do they charge per person? How come you can get free breakfast 1?

  2. Actually if got free food and free beer, considered not bad edi la.

  3. Actually, all international airport have lounge d.. Just have pay some cent lor.. Buy business class ticket.. All the way journey can have beer or alcohol

  4. wow. but how privileged only can go into that premium?

  5. What words did you use to gain access to this place? Darn, you're smooth bro~ :P

  6. hey, i dint know they have this in LCCT.. how much is that simple nasi lemak meal? :)

  7. Not bad wor...nice and comfy

  8. Diana,
    They actually charge min Rm88 for 2 hours in this lounge. But if you have a platinum credit card, some selected banks, can enter for free

    Baby Sumo,
    You're right! Hehe, who doesn't want free beer right? :)

    Or just use our credit card. Can go in for free too!

    I used my citibank credit card to enter for free wor

  9. Mamu,
    Lol! didn't actually smooth talk bro. :P

    It's rm88 for 2 hours to enter the lounge, so i guess the nasi lemak is kind of expensive too. hehe, however, it's free though for platinum credit card holders.

    Small Kucing,
    Yep, it's really quite comfortable. :) VIP treatment.

  10. Ohhhhhh???? So you have a platinum credit card? Wowwwwwwww!!!!! Orang kaya!!! LOL!!!

    I can't stand LCCT, like the old Puduraya! I wish they would upgrade the place...not just try to squeeze money out of us. Tsk! Tsk!

  11. It definitely looks hospitable though in my one visit to LCCT, I did not see it.

  12. looks pretty comfortable to me! :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  13. Wah looks good la.. I also wanna be a premium member next time.

  14. It's good to hear that they have plush facilities in place. The furniture looks modern as well.


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