Happy Malaysia Day 2011

Today Malaysians celebrate Malaysia Day, or "Hari Malaysia" throughout the nation. In fact since a couple of years back 16th September 2011 has been officially made a national public holiday, hence I'm happily "off-work" on a Friday today.

Happy Malaysia Day

Not to be confused with Malaysia's Independance Day which just passed on the 31st August 2011, "Hari Malaysia" marks the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963.

"It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. The formation of the new federation was planned to occur on June 1, 1963, but was later postponed to August 31, 1963, in order to coincide with the sixth Hari Merdeka. Several issues related to the Indonesian and the Filipino objection to the formation of Malaysia delayed the declaration to September 16 of the same year"
Source: Wikipedia

I for one, am having this "I Love Malaysia" feeling and all, mainly due to the fact the government is giving us today off. So how are you utilizing your day off today, my friends?

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  1. On Malaysia day,I was thinking on how I can have a blast on my birthday!! Hahahaha..

  2. Happy Malaysia Day to you too and enjoy the extended weekend.

    Positive people will view things positively...but sadly there are those negatively-inclined who will think negatively about anything under the sun - such people must have really miserable lives as they can never be happy with anything at all.

    Glad you're not like them...

  3. Yes...a loong weekend Holiday! sometimes to celebrate. Tak aci la...when I was schooling tarak Msia Day Public Holiday geh :p

  4. Happy Malaysia Day! :D im taking this extra day to rest full blast at home! :p


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