Family Friendly Activities For The East Siders

Family Friendly Activities For The East Siders

Are you looking for a place to stay in Singapore but you have not found a neighborhood that you like yet? Staying in the prime area such as the Central Business District or Orchard Road can be quite expensive whereas Woodland can be quite far from town. Why not consider staying in a condominium in Pasir Ris? Furthermore, Pasir Ris is a great neighborhood for family as there are many family friendly activities available. This article will guide you through some family friendly activities you get to enjoy as a family if you were to stay in one of the HDB flats in the East side of Singapore.

Family Friendly Activities For The East Siders
Family Friendly Activities For The East Siders

1. Longkang fishing

Do you still remember your childhood activity of squatting by a mini pond, using a mini net trying to catch as many guppies as you can? You can also reminisce your childhood by going for longkang fishing session with your friends. 

If you have young children at home and prefer a more family friendly activity, you can choose to purchase some fish food from the counter and feed those greedy fishes. 

2. Bob the Builder

Diggersite is a playground for people who would like to experience a day being a construction worker by allowing you to play with real excavator, claw digger and wrecking balls. In addition, Diggersite is a playground catered to everyone with no age limit. Do make a visit to Diggersite with your children if you do not have anything to do on a Sunday afternoon. 

Diggersite. Source:

3. Rabbit Paradise

Are you an animal lover? Do you love cuddling with fluffy furballs? Or do your children enjoy playing with these cute fluffy rabbits? If your answer is a ‘yes’, do not forget to check out the Rabbit Headquarters. This is a place where you can spend time cuddling with the cute rabbits. You can also take some selfies with the rabbits on post them on your social media accounts. 

4. Forest Adventure

Are you an adventurous person? If you enjoy outdoor activities, you can check out the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir. This is also a great place for parents to bring their children to spend their school holidays, as it is suitable for both adults and children. Moreover, you are also killing two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the nature, at the same time, exercise to keep yourself healthy.

Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir. Source:
Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir. Source:

5. Horse Riding

Gallop Stable Pasir Ris is one of the largest public riding centre available in Singapore for people to get enjoy pony riding. Gallop Stable Pasir Ris is definitely a great place for you or your children to enjoy pony riding. It could also be a great place for you to have a date with your loved one!

6. Bedok Reservoir

Bedok reservoir is a popular reservoir park among people who stay nearby. It is a great place for joggers and people who enjoy water sports activities such as canoeing, dragon boating and kayaking. Instead of staying at home and do nothing, why not spend your weekends taking a stroll at Bedok reservoir with your family?

7. Close to Nature

Next, you will be able to enjoy mother nature in Tampines. Tampines Eco Green is an eco friendly park consisting of hiking trails, vegetables swales and bird lookouts for those who love nature. There are also freshwater ponds, marshes, open grassland, and secondary rainforest for the nature lover in the 36 hectares park.

Changkat Butterfly Garden. Source:
Changkat Butterfly Garden. Source:

There is also another lookout for the nature lover: Changkat Butterfly Garden. The Changkat Butterfly Garden is the only butterfly garden found in Singapore that is located in a housing estate. There is an observatory deck for visitors to look at the butterflies up close with waterfall features. This is definitely a great place for parents to bring their children during the school holidays as an educational field trip. Killing two birds with a stone, you get to enjoy some quality time with your children, at the same time, your children get to learn something new. 

8. Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub is a lifestyle building located in Tampines, Singapore. There are many family friendly activities that you get to enjoy with your family at Our Tampines Hub. Your children can go to Clip ‘n Climb for some climbing activities if they like. There are 19 different themed walls with different degrees of difficulty for them to choose from. Timezone is also great place for family activities as there are dance games, bumper cars, kiddy rides and so on for you to choose from. Other than those mentioned, family can also choose to go for laser tag at Home Team NS, a swim at the swimming pool, a jog at the rooftop running track or the enrichment centre in Our Tampines Hub. 

In conclusion, East side of Singapore is more than just “old and boring”. Cheap shopping, good food and interesting places, the East side of Singapore is definitely a great place to stay with many family friendly activities available. Explore the East side of Singapore more and you will not be disappointed with what you can find in the neighborhood. 


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