Don't Lose It All - Data Makes The World Go Round

A couple of weeks have passed since the first video which I posted aptly titled "Don't Lose It All" (Don't Lose It All - Time To Get Data). Episode 1 shows this couple, having a rather rough time due to a long distance relationship, probably due to Nick, the dude, not having any data plan, losing that communication edge.

Don't Lose It All - XPAX Campaign
Don't Lose It All - XPAX Campaign

Today's short post won't exactly be Episode 2, but rather a teaser video for Episode 2 to come real soon. Check it out below, as the video will only go live on the 18th of January 2013. Video at (

Amy has been facing her frustrations badly because Nick hasn’t been replying. These are obviously the consequences of being in a long distance relationship – but of course they’re both aware of that. However, in this day of age, we have DATA – so where did they go wrong? Now that Nick has been away for sometime, is Amy moving on? But whose ring is that?

In this modern age where everyone is connected in one way or another, personally for me, I have to have "data" and connected everywhere I go. It's not a must, but we are so used to using our mobile data to keep in touch, that without that "connectivity", everyone else seems so quiet. Hey, it is "free" in a sense, no more SMS charges, where you can message unlimited times and only pay for the normal monthly data subscription.


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