Sushi Tei @ Setia City Mall

Most people I know love sushi, and with the ever growing need for everything Sushi, it's no surprise that Sushi Tei opened up their new branch over at the new Setia City Mall. My last writeup on Sushi Tei was on their outlet in Tropicana City Mall (Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall) so when I had the chance to dine over at their spanking new outlet in Setia City Mall, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Sushi Tei @ Setia City Mall
Sushi Tei @ Setia City Mall

Sushi Tei
UG21 Setia City Mall,
Setia Alam Shah Alam
Tel: +603–5879 6108 Fax: +603–5879 6109

 Collagen Salmon Roll - RM23.80
#1 Collagen Salmon Roll - RM23.80

It was a japanese food binge that night with a group of friends at Sushi Tei. The amount of sushi and raw fish we had that night could actually fill us up for the following day. I just had to start off the photos with Sushi Tei's rather unique Collage Salmon Roll. With rice wrapped in your delicious salmon, there was this thin layer of collagen on top of it, perfect for the skin, yes?

A bowl of chicken skin
#2 A bowl of chicken skin

Now the really nice bowl of crispy perfectly done chicken skin was special, and can't really be ordered from the menu. I know this as I tried to order it at The Curve's Sushi Tei, and they gave me this "you're weird" look. Anyway, it was good, perfect for snacking before the main courses.

Salmon Skin for you?
#3 Salmon Skin for you?

If in any way you felt that the chicken skin were too unhealthy, why not go for these Crispy Salmon Skin instead. Again, like the chicken skin, it was a special order off the menu, made just for us because we look like we need a dose of deliciously albeit slightly unhealthy snacks. 

Raw Salmon for the salmon lovers
#4 Raw Salmon for the salmon lovers
Various sushis off the kaiten belt at Sushi Tei
#5 Various sushis off the kaiten belt at Sushi Tei

We were spoilt for choice when it came to those bite sized sushis. You could either order it off the menu, or just pick it from their conveyor belt. One thing I like about Suhi Tei was that their sushis actually tasted more filling than the average sushi, as if it had more ingredients inside. 

#6 Takoyaki
Roll-it-on.. *just cannot remember the name for this
#7 Roll-it-on.. *just cannot remember the name for this
Soft Shell Sushis
#8 Soft Shell Sushis

Moving along, we had Sushi Tei's balls of Takoyaki, and more sushis. I rather liked their soft shell crabs, be it in sushi form, or as an individual dish in itself like below. Anyway, those were only the starters, as we continued on to heavier and slightly more filling noms. 

Soft Shell Crabs
#9 One of my favourites at any Japanese restaurant are their Soft Shell Crabs
King Tiger Prawns topped with mentai
#10 King Tiger Prawns topped with mentai

Now the King Tiger Prawn dish was pretty unique and extremely tasty. I just learned that the stuff they smeared on top is the mentai, or cod roe to be exact. Grilled to perfection, this is one of the must-have item you have to order from Sushi Tei if given the chance. 

Salmon Mentai
#11 Salmon Mentai

If the tiger prawns just doesn't fit your taste, then bring it up a notch with Sushi Tei's Salmon Mentai. It looked beautiful, and tasted even better, with a generous slab of salmon fillet topped with the fish cod roe. Good stuff there, as I was told it isn't usual to get such a generous amount of mentai on any dish. 

An assortment of raw delicacies, the seafood platter
#12 An assortment of raw delicacies, the seafood platter

Personally, truth to be told, I'm not a very big fan of raw stuff, but if the raw salmon pieces were really fresh, it won't produce any of those fishy taste and I could actually sample a few. The platter pictured above happened to be everyone's favourite, well to each his own I suppose. 

Cooked Salmon with Soba
#13 Cooked Salmon with Soba
Hotate Teriyaki - RM 9.80
#14 Hotate Teriyaki - RM 9.80

The Cooked Salmon with Soba was a cold dish, one which needed some getting used to. As for the Hotate Teriyaki, if you're in the mood for some scallop "satay" in teriyaki sauce, then go for this one. You won't regret it as the chewiness of the scallop goes really well with the sauce. 

Tori Karaage Japanese Fried Chickens
#15 Tori Karaage Japanese Fried Chickens
Beef Teriyaki
#16 Beef Teriyaki

I heaved a sigh of delight when the poultry and beef dishes came out. The Tori Karaage Japanese Fried Chickens wasn't exactly unique though, but it was crispy enough to satisfy my poultry cravngs. As for the Beef Teriyaki, it's good to note the meat wasn't too tough, with lots of juices when bitten into. Served hot, these were actually my staples at any japanese restaurant. 

The familiar Chawanmushi
#17 The familiar Chawanmushi
Ebiko Fried Rice
#18 Ebiko Fried Rice

If after all that good food and sushi, for any reason you're still feeling hungry, then do try out Sushi Tei's Ebiko Fried Rice. Cooked without much oil, we had generous amounts of ebiko on top of the stir fried rice. The fragrant fried rice was enough to stir up my appetite again, even though I could not really fill much more into my satisfied stomach. 

Overall, Sushi Tei do serve some rather nice sushi, and with their latest outlet opening in Setia City Mall in Shah Alam, people have more choices of nice food around the area. Do drop by should you be in the vicinity of Setia Alam.


  1. setia city mall eh? never been there b4 > . <

  2. Kian Fai,
    Jom pergi! hehehe :)

  3. Seriously?? Post on Jap food in the middle of the night when I have no access to it? =( Not cool man..

  4. I don't mind having a few bowls of those chicken skin and salmon skin. Yum! Yum!

  5. Our rip-off one here is Sushi Tie...but then again, it was in existence before there was Sushi Tei in Malaysia...and it was named after the owner - his surname was Tie, pronounced tear as in tears from crying.

  6. P.S. No prices mentioned?

  7. I'm the opposite, I love raw stuff and I usually eat assorted sashimi with rice when I want to go healthy. :)

  8. i've been keeping a long-term-love-affair with japanese food and
    everything here looks delicious!

    officially craving now at half hour past 8 in the morning!

  9. love the chawanmushi and the salmon!

  10. You really go far for your sushi ya :)

  11. salmonnnnnnnn. and the salmon look so thick and juicy wtfff

  12. I been iciban boshi not yet been to sushi tei.. Looks yum yum next time must try it out


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