Glow In Dark Wet Party Merdeka Eve @ Desa Waterpark

Any plans this upcoming Merdeka Eve? Probably planning for a countdown party? Well this post shall serve as a pre-event writeup for this upcoming party thingy over at Desa Waterpark this coming Merdeka Eve. Aptly named Glow In The Dark Wet Party, expect some funky glow in the dark themed atmosphere, and some watery fun. 

One of the DJ lineup includes DJ Roxy June
One of the DJ lineup includes DJ Roxy June
Glow In The Dark Wet Party Merdeka Eve
Desa Waterpark
Date : 30th August 2012
Time : 7pm - 2am
Venue : Desa Water Park Wave Pool

Early bird price : RM 68 (Link)
Normal price : RM 98
Door sale : RM 158

Live performances and DJ set by DJ Roxy June, DJ Funkzu ft. DJ Monkey, DJ Shinzu, DJ Wee and DJ Point. To spice things up, there will be game booths to ensure all the guests have a great time. Expect beer pong, water guns, lots of splashing and more!

Glow In The Dark Wet Party Merdeka Eve @ Desa Waterpark
All the details you'll need here

It's actually a combination of 2 themes, a glow in the dark party combined with a wet party, so be sure it'll be pretty awesome. The Glow In The Dark Party will be featured in the auditorium, while the Wet & Wild party will be at the wave pool.  

"Splash around in the semi-darkness while emulating a firefly. Have as much fun or more just as you would at the Water Festival in Thailand."

Headlining the party will be DJ Roxy June, the winner of Pioneer Pro's DJ Lady Championship 2010. The Thai Ambassador of Aerial 7 Headphones and host of Thai TV Program Channel 5, she is a self-taught DJ with real aspiring talent that soon became recognized from the beginning of her career on the club circuit of Bangkok

Another one of the DJ lineup for the night's entertainment, DJ Point

DJ Point started DJing with his intelligent and the first event he participated was “Redang Rock Go Go” at Redang Island which performs alongside the local artists and underground bands. In 2010, DJ Point and his crew Manhand participated in Guinness' Arthur Day with the Black Eyed Peas. He also performs regularly at the popular restaurant Muzeum.

DJ Monkey

DJ Monkey, commonly known as Calvin Yaw, is a relative newcomer to the nightlife scene who should not be underestimated. Since starting his career 4 years previously, he has attained numerous club residency positions by mixing current hits with old school jams and quirky mash ups

At the age of 17, DJ Wee fell in love with DJ-ing and set up to make music his career. After joining the Bionic DJ Academy, he has managed to secure gigs at the following nightclubs: Milk, Gosh, Vertigo, Exit and Poppy Garden.

DJ Funkzu mastered the basic skills of being a DJ in the short period of 3 weeks. His mark on the music scene has been there since the mid 1990's, and ever since he has been sharing his passion for music in events such as "Mangaism", "Jungle Party" and clubs such as "Movement", "Arena" and his resident club, "Boom Boom Room".

Glow In The Dark Wet Party Merdeka Eve @ Desa Waterpark
Be there!

Currently is having an early bird promotion for the tickets, so be sure to check out the link below if you're interested to party out for this upcoming Merdeka Eve 2012. 


  1. Sounds so sexy...wet and wild, glow in the dark. What? What? LOL!!!

  2. For young and wild people. Haha :D Apek like me cannot join.


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