Liverpool FC Tour 2011 Experience

July is definitely an exciting month where football is concerned. Two weeks ago, I shared on how to get your hands on some Chelsea Vs Malaysia tickets this coming 21st July 2011. Fret not if you are not a Chelsea fan, because today I'm going to share on how to obtain two passes to watch Liverpool FC play our Malaysian team this 16th July 2011. Yes, Liverpool FC will be in KL and by joining this simple contest below, you will be in the running for a pair of tickets.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Presented by Standard Chartered.
Thanks to Standard Chartered (the biggest bank in Asia and proud sponsors of Liverpool Football Club), we have a chance to catch Liverpool FC live in KL. They have arranged this tour to bring Liverpool FC to China and Malaysia where two games will be played against a local team. The match will happen this 16th July at 5.45pm at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

So how do you get these tickets for free? Standard Chartered have designed a new application website within the LFC tour website, where they want you to show your support to Liverpool FC. It's really a simple competition to win those tickets. I'll explain the mechanics of this competition below.

Step #1:
Head on over to where you'll see the screen as below with all the small Liverpool fans avatars holding customized messages.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Main competition screen
Step #2: 
Input your message for Liverpool team in the message column. The message is up to your creativity but bear in mind anything you type there will show up with your avatar. Of course, the next step would be to create your avatar.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
Input the message and customize an avatar
The final step is the most important one. After you have completed your avatar and message, click submit and a popup will prompt you to fill up your personal details. Do that and you could win two tickets to the match and the chance to meet a player from the team! Check out my cool fan avatar wearing Liverpool's black away jersey and donning cool black shades.

Liverpool Malaysia tour 2011
My personalized avatar!
The winner will be picked from the leaderboard and the message displayed. You can then cheer on your favourite team at the match thanks to Standard Chartered. Get behind your team with Standard Chartered and make sure that Liverpool Football Club have a summer tour to remember!


  1. Smallkucing1:27 AM

    jia yoh? :D

  2. Smallkucing, wow you're up late. Thanks again for coming in my humble blog and commenting. Thanks, why don't you join as well? XD

  3. lol not a fan of Liverpool :) and the cartoon so lego alike 

  4. Thank for your information about this contest....

  5. LiverFOOL... LOL!!! Not a fan of football...but used to watch out for this team when Michael Owen first joined it. Not in this team anymore, right? Anyway, old already plus injuries...doesn't play that well anymore.

  6. Reanact8:01 AM

    Must be good news for football fan-sees... :)

  7. huahhhh.... you gonna be busy watching football la after this XD

  8. Not really a fan of either Liverpool or Chelsea! But thanks for sharing this! : )

  9. LOL... this is cute!

  10. kekekeke... me not a fan of football. :p


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